Birthday Gifts Package

Send Birthday gift to Bangladesh, We delivery all top brand cake, sweets, chocolate and birthday accessories. Kids birthday, father and mother birthday gift, wife birthday gift, brother birthday gift, husband birthday gift, friends birthday gift, girl friend birthday gift or any person your loved-one Birthday. send Birthday gift any where in Bangladesh.


Let us convey your sentiment with the perfect gift of flowers. We deliver flower to all cities of Bangladesh. Our gift delivery service is famous for our exquisite and natural floral arrangements, which uses quality imported and local flowers, foliage and accompaniments. Bigger image and easy to read product description will help you select and order right flower bouquet. We can organize flower for wedding and other parties as well.

Greetings Card

Greeting cards are usually given on special occasions such as (Birthday card|birthdays), (Christmas day) (valentine) or express other feelings (such as to [[Get-well card|get well from illness)]]. Greeting cards, usually packaged with an [[envelope]], come in a variety of styles. There are both mass-produced as well as handmade versions that are distributed by hundreds of companies large and small.

Gifts For Parent's

Parenting is the one job you never quit. Every day is a new chance to get things right, to sow the seeds of love and confidence. We guide and nourish, allowing our children to develop into the people they were born to be. We help them find what they love, what their talents lead them to. And then, we let go. We watch in anxiety as they try out their "wings," yet are proud. We let them know that their home is still their home should they need it, and that their parents are still there just as before. They are our children for life and our love for them is eternal.


Cakes are simply very important for Birthday! GiftallBd provide Bangladesh top branded cake.Cakes are your best gift choice for Birthday, Anniversary and wedding in Bangladesh. Most big size as like 2,3,4,5 kg cakes needs to be ordered by Dhaka time 6 PM on the day before delivery date but 500gm/ 1kg cakes are available for urgent order.We include a free candle set,balloon,knife and candy with each cake gift delivery in Bangladesh.

Gifts For Husband

Husband. A husband is a married man. ... As a verb, husband means to conserve resources and use them frugally. Because of the flooding in the area, roads are cut off and everyone is being asked to husband their supplies.

Gifts For Wife

A wife is a female partner in a continuing marital relationship. The term continues to be applied to a woman who has separated from her partner, and ceases to be applied to such a woman only when her marriage has come to an end, following a legally recognized divorce or the death of her spouse.

Food Combo

Send unique gift to anywhere in Dhaka form our 'Food Court' collection. You will find gifts with Pizza Hut, KFC, BFC, Nando's, Kabab factory, Star kabab, Fakruddin Biryani in this section. This is the best way to indulge anyone on the Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Valentine's Day in Bangladesh.We also provide catering service in Dhaka to wedding, engagement, birthday and corporate parties (more than 20 people). Please contact us if you need a quote.

Gifts For Sister

A good sister demonstrates qualities of honesty, loyalty and trustworthiness. She communicates with her siblings and doesn't forget what's important to them. As a sister, she's there in times of need and in times of celebration. Even from afar, simple acts can demonstrate your desire to be a better sister.

Sweets For Gift

Greet your family, friends and loved ones with traditional Bangladeshi sweet (মিষ্টি ) and make every occasion even more special. We offer the best quality sweets from Premium, Rosh, Boss sweets, Bonoful, Moron Chad, Bikrampur misttanno vandar and Jaipur Sweets and all items are packed with perfection for extra freshness and longer shelf life.

Gifts For Brother

He is my brother. A person from my bloodline. He has me covered, like I've got his back. My accomplice. My co-conspirator. He wouldn't hesitate to die for me. We are the same soul, split in two, and walking on four legs. If I help his boat to reach the shore, then my own will reach too. Because we are one. If he dies, then I'll die. We both are killers. I can kill myself for him, and kill others for him too. He is a heartbeat among the cacophony of heartbeats I have. People might ask, like you did. But does it ever matter? Being the one in power, or not being? Either way, when my brother is in question, then there has to be no question.

Gifts for special day's

A special day is what I wish you all to have and also share with your loved ones. The best cosmetics in life: Truth for lips; Pity for eyes; Charity for hands; Smile for face; And Love for the heart. Use them every day to make life Beautiful. Good day! We delivery gift item all special day as like Birthday, Anniversary, New year, Valentine, Mother's day, Pohela Boishakh, Ramadan, Eid.

Fresh Fruits and Juices

Whatever the gift occasion is, our unique collection of gourmet fruit baskets makes thoughtful gifts with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, amazing selection and our personalized delivery service. You can rest assured that we will get your fruit basket delivered on time anywhere in Bangladesh to that special someone in your life.

Chocolate for Gift

Whatever the gift occasion is, you can always send chocolate and ice cream to anyone at any time in Bangladesh. We have a wide range of imported chocolate and ice cream from Igloo. All items are supplied by major super markets to ensure top quality.

Teddy Bear and Soft Toys

Order Teddy bear online for your friends and families in Bangladesh. Send birthday gift, anniversary gift and gift on any special day. All of our teddy bear are imported product in Bangladesh and supplied by top brand.

Gifts For Him

If you need to find a great gift for him in Bangladesh, you've come to the right place. Find your pick from our Panjabi, Fotua, Perfume and personal accessories collection. Order online and let us surprise him on your selected delivery date and time. We deliver gift on the day and time that you will select at checkout; being on time to make the day special for your loved-one is our speciality.

Gifts For Her

Spoil your sweetie with special gifts in Bangladesh! Our gift experts in Bangladesh hand-picked the best valentine gift ideas with Flower, cake, perfume, sharee, teddy bear and chocolate. Add multiple products in your basket to make your own gift package or you can also pick gifts from our gift package, valentine package section to save money and time.

New Born Baby gifts

Our adorable collections of baby goodies are carefully selected to welcome a precious new baby... and they're sized to fit a broad range of budgets, too! You'll love the added detail of pretty packaging as well as the adorable selections. These all-inclusive baby gift sets are sure to please anyone in Bangladesh. And it will also make gift giving fun and easy for you.

Gifts for kids

Order Teddy bear and chocolate online for your friends and families in Bangladesh. Send birthday gift, anniversary gift and gift on any special day. All of our teddy bear and chocolate are imported product in Bangladesh and supplied by top brand.

Aquarium, Plant, Pet, Hobby Gifts

Send aquarium, pet animals, birds, live plants, and gift items for hobby such as potted orchid to your loved-one in Bangladesh on their birthday, anniversary, Eid and all other gift occasions.

Personalized Gifts

Personalized your gift to loved-one in Bangladesh and make it more meaningful. Add photo in gift mug, make special photo greetings card, engrave name on flower bouquet and many more unique gift ideas for home delivery in Bangladesh.

Pitha (Bangla-Tradition)

Its never been easier to enjoy deshi Pitha (পিঠা) ! Simply order online and we will home delivery pitha from Pitha cafe, Dhaka at your location. Pitha is a highly regarded gift on any occasion in Bangladesh as well. We offer 15% discount on any Pithe purchase during the winter season in Bangladesh (Nov-Jan),

Mobile set, Accessories & Recharge

New mobile set mobile Accessories and Recharge mobile phone for as cheap as US$4. Order Grameen phone (GP), Robi (Aktel), Bangla link, Tele Talk, Airtel Pre-Paid and Post-Paid mobile phone recharge in Bangladesh. Low cost, quick, easy, secure and guaranteed way to recharge mobile phone account or pay mobile bill in Bangladesh.

Home Appliance

In today's busy life home appliances are a kind of relief as they reduces most of our daily work. So it can be a very useful gift to anyone in Bangladesh at any home. Here are some gift ideas on home appliances in Bangladesh. We delivery singer, phillips others top brand electric product. Please contact us for more info or quote if you do not find your preferred item here.

Hut Bazar

We offer a fabulous selection of gift baskets with groceries items using the finest products available in the Bangladeshi market. We will go to the grocery store (Agora, Meena Bazar, shawpno or Nondons), pick up exactly what you will order and have it delivered to your loved-one's accommodations when you want. Order online at your ease and receive best quality groceries at your door step in Bangladesh. You can send it as a gift to your family.

Corporate Gifts

Corporate and promotional gift item supplier in Bangladesh. Are you thinking of reaching out to your valuable clients in Bangladesh? Do you need a reliable solution for organizing and delivering your corporate promotional gift packages in Bangladesh? GiftallBd is offering the most reliable and cost effective corporate gift campaign management to top notch brands in Bangladesh for years such as Makson group, Dahmashi group, Aci, Burger to discuss your requirement and we will work with you to convey you message to your clients. Competitive pricing depending on the size of your order is available for following services: We will work with your own marketing team to plan corporate gift delivery campaign. Working together ensures your company’s gift package reflect the long term business strategy and budget. Design and source promotional gift items with your company logo and other marketing texts i.e. diary, pen, mug, USB, calendar etc. You may supply us all the items to be delivered. We can take care of the wrapping/packaging and delivery only. There is no minimum or maximum number of deliveries for corporate gift campaign. We work as per your requirement. Delivery to all cities of Bangladesh to all level of clients.You will find that it is much more cost effective and hassles free if our professional team does the corporate gift delivery than your own marketing team. Your marketing team is the most important part of the planning process but we can guarantee the delivery of such plan to the doorsteps of your clients.You can preview images of few Corporate gift that we have delivered in our Facebook page.

Medical and health care item

Buy health care products, medical equipment, diet food and surgical supply for home and hospital delivery to your loved-one in all cities. Please contact us for the product details if we do not have in this section and we will get back to you with required details. We take most our medical and healthcare product supply from Lazz Pharma Ltd. Dhaka.

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