Refund & Return Policy

  1. Customer or recipient has to notify us of any issue with any item or delivery service within 12 hours after delivery to qualify for any refund policy.
  2. If a product quality is in question, we will contact the product supplier and organize replacement.
  3. We are not responsible for preserving perishable products (cake, flower, food items) after delivery. Perishable items will be not subject to any refund if hasn't been preserved properly after delivery.
  4. If not all the items in a delivery is qualified for refund, you will receive refund for that item only, not the whole order.
  5. Refund will be send to the credit card, bank account, bkash account, etc. that the customer has paid from. Refund amount will not be given / delivered to the recipient.
  6. The customer is placing an order after choosing it as your preferred gift to the recipient. GiftallBD is not responsible for recipient's choice. Delivered item will not be subject to refund if conflicts with recipient choice.
  7. A gift delivery service will not be subject to refund if the recipient refuses to accept the gift.
  8. You have the option at checkout to select time window in a day to select as your delivery time. GiftallBD holds the right to alter delivery time depending on current situation, such as flood, traffic etc. Your order will not be subject to refund if it is delivered within your selected delivery date. Your order can be subject to refund if we fail or unable to deliver on the delivery date that you have selected during order.
  9. Products such as flower bouquet, cake design can vary from advertised design on our site due to different season in Bangladesh, different or new chef in a bakery etc. Such products will not be subject to refund as long it is almost similar to the advertised product. 
  10. You will receive full refund if we refuse/cancel an order that you have paid for.
  11. You will receive a full refund if we are unable to deliver your order on your selected date.
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