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A little thank u is not enough for u. The whole team of giftallbd has done a good job. I have sent a watch and a red velvet cake for my best friends anniversary. And they have said to me that the cake was really delicious and the watch is so gorgeous. I event can understand how I would thank you, seriously I feel lucky that I have found a website like you for sending gifts to the beloved one. Wish u all the best giftallbd. Keep up your work. Thanks again...

from Dhaka, Bangladesh at 06 Apr 2020

Amazing service...❤️❤️❤️..

from New york, USA at 01 Apr 2020

It’s been a pleasure to inform you that, I am really happy about your wonderful service. The delivery is on time and all the products are very good especially I like red rosés which were very fresh. I am fully satisfied. Thank you once again!..

from Madaripur, Bangladesh at 01 Apr 2020

Thank you so much. I am really amazed by the service you provided. I really appreciate your service in Chittagong City. I hope you will continue this service...

Barnali Dutta
from New York, United States at 01 Apr 2018

Satisfied with this company. Second time using it and they never failed me. Keep it up! 👍👍.

Mr. Sahid Nowrid
from Paris, France at 01 Jan 2020

Thanks for introducing such a nice mainstream gift sending channel throughout the world. The overall service is very satisfying and I'm looking forward to purchasing more on future days..

Mr. Md Mahbub Islam
from Kuiwet, Kuiwet at 03 Feb 2020

Very happy with customer service and delivery. Very attentive to details and quick response to questions. Thanks again...

from Dhaka, Bangladesh at 15 Mar 2020

Thank you GiftallBD & team. Delivery was on time & the food, cake everything was perfect. This was my 3rd time using GiftallBD & I was totally satisfied with it. Really appreciated this kind of initiative to surprise our family on any special occasion. As we live outside Bangladesh, we can now celebrate our families special occasion with GiftallBD. The whole process was very professional. Thank you very much..

Mr. Momin Hossain
from Toronto, Canada at 20 Mar 2020

Love your products...

Arif Ahmed
from Sydney, Australia at 13 Feb 2020

Thank you so much for your wonderful service. It's my 3rd time ordering from you. Always had the same service. Keep it up..

Mr. Atik Babu
from Drummondville, Canada at 14 Feb 2020

Hope you are well. Very thankful for your service and honestly, it exceeded my expectation. My parents loved the flowers and praised the presentation. It's great that Giftallbd is providing a platform to send such wonderful gifts to dear ones back home. Keep up the good work! :) Thank you.

Mrs Syeda Lammim Ahad
from London, London at 14 Feb 2020

GiftallBd is my favorite. Great service! Very helpful and attentive. I was amazed at the speed of service. Thank you so much !!!.

Mr. Faisal Farman
from New Jersey, United States at 14 Feb 2020

It’s a good service. I have used it for the last 5 years. I’m satisfied with your service. Go ahead. Best of luck...

Mr. Tipu Howleder
from Tokyo, Japan at 14 Feb 2020

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Ali Azam
from Dhaka, BD at 01 Apr 2020

Love Your Site.....

John Doe
from Dhaka, Bangladesh at 01 Apr 2020

It was a fantastic service that I was not expecting. Big thank you to GiftallBD team for their hard work. Please keep up this service always...

Mr. Mom Muhim Alam
from Johor Bahru, Malaysia at 31 Mar 2020

I have tried other sites and I was very dissatisfied. But Giftallbd exceeded my expectations, I am so pleased and I will definitely continue ordering things from here. Excellent quality! Deliver on time, good prices. Thank you !!! I will recommend to everyone.

from Melbourne, Australia at 01 Apr 2020

I am thankful to GiftallBD for the amazing job that they had done. staff that i came across in connection to my recent transaction have been very professional, cordial and passionate. in a way, you are truly helping friends, families and loved ones come closer - which is specially more realised by people like us who are living abroad. i am one of those satisfied customers. please continue your great work...

Mr. Mom Muhim Alam
from Johor Bahru, Malaysia at 31 Mar 2020

Excellent service as i used this 1st time beyond my expectation. I recommend this company to everyone. thanks to Giftallbd...

from Melbourne, Australia at 01 Apr 2020

Once again GiftallBD team amazed me with their out of the box effort to make a gift so special. Thank you so much. For last 3 years, you are helping me to be with my family from far in many occasions through your excellent services. I am so happy that you fulfilled my special requests in such a nice way. I definitely recommend GiftallBD for sending gifts to loved ones. Keep on Good working! Thank you Team-GiftallBD :)

from Melbourne, Australia at 01 Apr 2020

Thanks a lot for your prompt delivery. You are the most trusted and professional online shop so far I've seen. Keep it up👍👍..

Mr. Mom Muhim Alam
from Johor Bahru, Malaysia at 31 Mar 2020

I am extremely happy with the delivery service. My mum received her birthday presents on time. I will definitely use them again in the future. Thank you for providing a great service.

from Melbourne, Australia at 01 Apr 2020

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