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Special Black-Forest cake

Special Black-Forest cake 4 0 Reviews | Code: GBB-186
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800 gm Special Black-forest cake from Shumi's Hot. There Cake is the best place to have a


800 gm Special regular Black-forest cake from Shumi's Hot. There Cake is the best place to have a Black Forest Cake in Bangladesh. Their cakes have a special touch and secret, which the proprietors are not remotely interested in sharing! Price is shown for half kg Black-forest cake Same day and urgent order is accepted for shumis hotcake. If you need 1 kg then select QTY 2 then we 2 X 500 gm cake will be delivered if you are placing the order on the same day.

Delivery to Dhaka is free and 'Shipping Charge' applies for other cities as it has to be transported from Dhaka via air-conditioned service.

This cake needs to be ordered by Dhaka time 6 PM for the same day delivery. Price includes all cost to prepare your ordered items (ordering, wrapping, collection etc) and delivery in Dhaka.

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